About Us


Prayash designs captures the vibrant feminine spirit with its ethnic inspired line that is designed for a global Indian woman.

Bright and cheery, classic-chic or minimalistic whatever style your special day calls for Prayash is here to assure you make a statement. Our exclusively hand selected and beautifully crafted line is designed to speak to your unique style.

Choose from a wide variety of exclusively selected saris with custom designed blouses to keep it classic or go trendy with Indo- western styles that offer a perfect blend of contemporary and modern.

Meet The Designer

Rajavi’s creativity and passion for design is well reflected in her fashion line. She has been styling and designing outfits for over a decade . After Rajavi moved to United States she noticed that it’s hard to find customized traditional apparel for an affordable price, so she started Prayash. An ethnic fashion line that offers beautifully crafted styles that are easy on your wallet.

Inspired by all things pretty Prayash features a good mix of au courant trends that are the flavor of the time as well as elegant timeless pieces which never fade out of style.

Style inspired by you!!!

Quality, affordability and customer satisfaction is our utmost priority! Prayash thrives to provide you a personalized experience that uniquely caters to your style need. Meet Rajavi for a one-on-one fashion consultation and tailor-made outfits.

Visit us at:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PRAYASHDESIGNS/
Whatsapp: +1(801)897-5171